Allie in Luang Prabang, Laos


Hey, y’all.

I’m Allie, the voice of Internationallie.

In 2022, I moved to Singapore from San Antonio, Texas with my hubby and our 5-year-old daughter.

Today I am homesick for Tex Mex but a new convert to XLBs and forever a fan of cheesy puns and cheese boards, public transit, and literary references.

Before our move, I was a full-time urban planner and he, a Million Miler with United and an early employee of a software company now expanding into Asia. We’ve traveled to more than 30 countries together since we were 19, including a semester studying abroad when I submitted columns under the Internationallie moniker to our college paper. 

In 2017, we welcomed our daughter Philippa (“PB” on this site) to our world. We had even booked her a plane ticket (to Spain!) before she was born!

This family travel blog is where I’m sharing our tips, tricks and itineraries we’ve gleaned from traveling with PB around 14 US states and 13 countries. Hint – Travel with kids is not only doable. It’s a wonder.

Our family has a proven track record of converting inspiration into experiences: our trips are often a direct result of something I’ve read about in a travel mag, Anthony Bourdain convinced us to try or that PB is covering in kindergarten. And as a professional planner, they involve hours of online and travel lit research, to get everything just right-ish, from wining and dining to ice cream and playgrounds.

If you enjoy DIYing detailed itineraries, this site is for you. I’ll help you chase local flavor, intermix urban and rural experiences and sprinkle in the kind of fun that your kiddos can get behind, too.

Real. Happy. Family travel.